Radiant Heat Mattress Pad

for safe and comfortable sleep

Westinghouse is pleased to announce a revolutionary new way to provide safe and reliable warmth for cold nights. Safely heat your bed by circulating warm water through Westinghouse's soft Radiant Heat Mattress Pad without the use of electric currents. Enjoy a quiet system for a good night's sleep. Available in both Queen and King Pads.

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for safe comfortable sleep

Why Radiant vs. Electric Pads/Blankets?

Have you ever enjoyed standing in front of a sunny window in winter soaking up the sun’s warmth while the temperatures outside were freezing? Radiant heating, in this case from the sun, is so comfortable because it heats objects, including your body, and not the air. Biology teaches us that radiant heat is not only the most comfortable and energy efficient form of heat, it is also the healthiest for us.

Although electric heating blankets are the most prevalent way to provide your body with additional heating on cold winter nights, it is far from ideal in terms of health, comfort, or safety.

Our Radiant Heat Mattress Pads provide warmth without the use of electromagentic waves!

Westinghouse Radiant Heat Mattress Pad

How It Works

Our new sleep comfort system is a radiant mattress pad that warms your body using the benefits of heated water running through a comfortable specially designed mattress pad that sits on top of your mattress. Our comfort sleep system lets you relax in bed and enjoy the benefits of radiant energy to ease your back and neck pains and provide you the most safe, reliable and energy efficient way to stay warm at night.

Westinghouse Radiant Heat Mattress Pad Packaging

Fantastic Features

• Get notified with audible alerts

• Added Security with auto-tilt shut-off

• No harmful electromagnetic waves that are used in traditional heating blankets

• Low noise heating unit

• Helps your back and neck pain

• Additional padding for more comfort

• Dual heating zones

• Easy controller with auto auto shut off and remote

• Water level sensor/ low water cut-off
Save up to 10% a year on your heating bill by turning heated mattress pad on & setting thermostat back!
Two Zone System

Two-Zone System

Achieve a personalized temperature for you and your partner with our two-zone system! Our mattress pad is easy to use and has one touch controls that allows separate temperatures that suit your individual needs. 

Save Money

Cut your heating bill by up to 10% a year by turning the heated mattress pad on and setting the thermostat back!

Safe Alternative to Heating Blankets

uses heated water for harmth with no electromagnetic waves

Two-Zone System

allows up to two independent temperatures - one for you and one for your partner!


Westinghouse Water Heating warrants each radiant mattress to be free from defects in materials and workmanship according to the following terms, conditions and time periods.

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