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The product has been discontinued. Please see documentation for support.

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Westinghouse High Mass Commercial Boiler

discontinued product

High Mass Condensing Boiler

The product has been discontinued. Please see documentation for support.

The super efficient High Mass Condensing Boiler is a versatile commercial boiler that can be used for radiant floors, fan coil, base boards, snow melt, domestic hot water and pool heating (both with indirect tanks - sold separately).

With up to a 10:1 turndown ratio, the boiler's large water content heat exchanger allows for virtually no pressure drop (under 2 feet of resitance at a 100 GPM Flow). It also eliminates the need for primary-secondary piping.

It's available in two models: 750,000 and 1,000,000 BTUs. For additional BTUs, the High Mass Condensing Boiler can be cascaded with up to 8 units (with boiler rotation).

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Superior Construction

The High Mass Condensing Boiler has a small footprint and will fit through a standard door opening. Caster wheels are placed at the bottom of the boiler for smooth movement.

It is constructed with a heavy gauge steel jacket assembly. The boiler jacket allows easy access to all components with the help of an easily removable access door, designed with serviceability in mind.

The combustion chamber is sealed and completely enclosed, independent of the outer jacket assembly in order to protect the integrity of the outer jacket and a proper seal. The combustion chamber has a hinged door which allows access to the primary combustion and burner assembly for easy service access. A burner/flame observation port also provides a view to the flame's quality.

The burner is constructed of high grade Inconel metal fiber and features an inward firing premix design. The burner is supplied with a gas valve designed with negative pressure regulation and equipped with a variable speed blower and modulating outlet valve system to precisely control the fuel/air mixture to provide very high turndown ratios and modulate boiler firing rates for maximum efficiency.

Save Green by Going Green
Inside High Mass Boiler

High Efficiency = High Savings

This highly innovative High Mass Condensing Boiler will save you money and energy. With up to 93% The High Mass Condensing Boiler has a thermal efficiency of up to 93%. Its unique corrugated horizontal flue passages increases the heat exchange area for higher efficiencies.

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High Mass
Westinghouse High Mass Commercial Boiler Interior
High Mass
High Mass
Westinghouse High Mass Commercial Boiler
High Mass
High Mass

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Built To Last

The High Mass Condensing Boiler is manufactured out of an extremely duable stainless steel and titanium blend. Why titanium and stainless steel blend? When compared to typical copper heat exchangers, stainless steel heat exchangers are more resistant to corrosion and transfer heat easier, allowing the unit to be virtually maintenance free and last longer.

Venting & Cascading

• Eliminates the need for primary/secondary piping
• With up to a 10:1 Modulation, large water content heat exchanger with virtually no pressure drop
• Under 2 feet of resistance at a 100 GPM flow
• PVC - CPVC - Stainless Steel Venting
• Venting up to 150 feet combined
• Direct vent sealed combustion

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Cascading High Mass Boiler
Westinghouse High Mass Boiler is Built to Last

Integrated Digital
Control System

features a fully adjustable firing rate while maintaining a desired output temperature. The LCD provides system operation information as well as programming and monitoring capabilities.

Heat Exchanger

is constructed out of ASTM A240 316Ti Titanium Stabilized Stainless Steel for extreme durability and corrosion resistance.

Combustion System

has a specialized mixer on the inlet of the blower to increase the boiler’s turndown to 10:1. Improved modulation reduces short cycling, conserves energy and enhances component reliability.


Westinghouse Water Heating prides itself on premium protection for your products! The High Mass Condensing Boiler includes a 10 Year Limited Warranty - no registration required.

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